About Us

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Who We Are:

Dreamed up six years ago in 2003, by Marshall University students Keir Moorman and Brian Wallace, Citihubb.com fuses tradition business marketing tools and products with internet technology currently used by consumers for social networking to form a new tool we call “Consumers Networking with Businesses” or CNB.


Our philosophy behind CNB fosters a win win environment when utilized by consumers and businesses, here’s how.  In the first place we have different businesses jockeying for position to win customers and hold the customer’s loyalty.  Second, we have consumers or customers looking for better bargains, stronger deals, and most importantly great customer service.  Couple the wants and needs of both parties with the social networking craze created by Friendster, Myspace, Hi5, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, and we find a gap in an obvious brand new business marketing segment, CNB!


Citihubb.com satisfies a need not yet filled in social networking and online business.  It provide consumers a way to save money while having fun socializing or networking with other consumers and businesses and it provides businesses a way to cut costs on advertising while giving businesses an opportunity to gain new customers but more importantly, market to them directly. In tough economic times Citihubb.com allows consumers to keep spending at or below current prices because we allow businesses to see a better ROI through less expensive advertising with better results.


How It Works

The members of Citihubb.com are on the site to find businesses and the discounts/saving that are found on our site in a section we coined and titled “Discount Wallpapers” (DW).  Discount Wallpapers are graphical files that users can download to their cell phone.  A business can create its own Discount Wallpaper or pay us to create one for it.  For example if a local nightclub creates a DW that says, “Admit one Free” and or any other verbiage with stipulations.  A member of our site would download the DW to his/her cell phone, text it to friends whom did not get it, or where not members of the site; they would all set the graphic as their phones wall paper, go to the nightclub and get in free (provided the stipulations were met).


Another feature of our site is the calendar of events.  A local department store or clothing store would be able to list its weekend sale on the calendar.  When members log into the site they will check their messages, check to see what is new, check the events for the day/week and be able to take advantage of the sales.


Citihubb.com is the grapevine so and so heard it through!  It represents word of mouth and is as effective as newspaper, radio, and television advertising because the person seeing it wants to see it!  A business can advertise in the newspaper but how many people are you paying for that will through the ads out immediately?  You can advertise on TV but how many people leave the room and change the channel during commercials?


Citihubb.com members are waiting for offers from businesses and businesses are waiting for consumers like Citihubb’s members!