Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citihubb
  1. What is Citihubb?
    1. Citihubb is an online community that allows consumers and businesses to network with each other in order to offer and obtain the best prices on products and services.  At you will find “Life’s Essential Information”.  This information consists of everything from where to find an inexpensive dinner/drink on Monday night to the where about of your dream car.


  1. Who should use Citihubb?
    1. Businesses that want/need an affordable avenue to market its products and services.  Businesses that are seeking growth.
    2. Consumers in need of affordable goods and services.  Consumers that desire an easier way to keep up with their discounts.
    3. Anyone/thing in need of advertising, customers, discounts, savings, fun, friends.


  1. As a business owner, how can Citihubb benefit me?
    1. By creating a profile and listing your activities on the community calendar you effectively brand your company name, promotional/marketing/sales events, and your products and services to the Citihubb community.  You can also choose to participate in the classified section, “Discount Wallpaper” program, “Ringtone Program”, and more.  Citihubb users are expecting and waiting to hear and see advertisements from businesses whereas people who receive other mediums do not.


  1. As an individual, why should I use Citihubb vs. the other social networking sites?
    1. You should continue to use the social networking sites that you currently use; Citihubb is not a replacement!  You should however use Citihubb as it provides true “Networking”.  Citihubb is social business networking with purpose!  It allows you, the individual/family to take care of your personal/household business with information that will help save your T.E.E.M. (Time, Energy, Efforts, Money).


  1. Can I share the “Discount Wallpapers”
    1. Yes!  In fact we highly recommend that you share the “Discount Wallpapers” with your friends and family via email or text messaging.


  1. Can I share the “RingTones”
    1. Yes!  As a user of the site you are offered free ringtones.  We suggest that you inform your friends and family to join the site and get their ringtones directly, but you can text or email our ringtones.


  1. Can I access Citihubb from my cell phone?
    1. You can access and use from certain types of cell phones.  Please be advised that without a proper data plan from your provider you may incur charges for data usage.